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Yemanja's Crystal Pendulum

In September '96, a dear friend gave me a necklace with a large crystal which she called a 'heart chakra healing' pendant that she had channeled by her Egyptian spirit guide. The crystal is milky white at the base and clear at the top--what experts would call a 'receiver', and a turquiose-colored Egyptian scarab is attached to the center of the crystal with silver wire. The crystal hangs from a silky cord of alternating light pink and yellow.

The necklace felt a bit too bulky to wear, so I placed it on my altar to Our Lady and it remained there for the next nine months--so long that I had forgotten about the crystal. During this time, Our Lady and the Catholic saints that I had a special devotion and a large shrine to--revealed their true nature/spirit to me as that of the Orishas. Basically, same spirit--different titles.......

In late June '97, the small crystal pendulum I had been using for years suddenly stopped moving when I would ask my spirit guides questions. Interiorly I knew that this was their way of telling me that they no longer wanted me to use that particular crystal pendulum. So I asked Our Lady what She wanted me to do and She instructed me to look under some dried flowers in front of Her altar area. (By this time I had learned to trust Her voice which I hear interiorly--instead of worrying about being schizophrenic!) I looked where Our Lady, Yemanja, told me to--and I re-discovered this special crystal necklace my friend had given me so many months ago. Immediately I knew that this was what She wanted me to use now for a crystal pendulum.

In late July I went on a seven day spiritual retreat in solitude on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. During this time I was spiritually nourished and spent most of my time either bathing in the ocean or walking on the shore, in study and in prayer/contemplation. On one particular morning I woke up before dawn (very unusual for me) and I was instructed to take the crystal pendulum to the very edge of the island and bath it in seven waves of the ocean at sunrise. So I walked several miles along the beach and when I reached the end the sun was beginning to come up in the sky. I took the crystal from around my neck and let a total of 21 waves bathe the crystal. The crystal was more beautiful than ever and sparkled cleansed in the dawn sun. Our Lady guided me further along the beach--said there was a gift for me--and I found seven perfect white seashells lying washed up in a circle. I don't know the names of all the different shells, but these seashell are the type that if you put them to your ear you can hear the ocean.

From that day on I named this pendulum 'Yemanja's Crystal Pendulum'--the Crystal confirmed strongly that this title was most pleasing to Our Lady. Yemanja's Crystal Pendulum gives clear answers to 'Yes' and 'No' questions--and as the Pendulum is swinging in response, often I will be given further information in addition to the 'Yes' or 'No' response.

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